Whether you're in charge of the annual charity drive, planning the summer picnic for your office or work for an agency, event planning can be a nightmare if you're not organized. Use Comapping to bring everyone together so everyone's clear as to what needs to get done so your event can be a success!

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Manage the committees.

  • It takes an army to pull off a successful event or campaign - use Comapping to keep tabs on all of the work
  • Facilitate meetings and brainstorming sessions
  • Work compiled in Comapping serves as process documentation for next year
  • Centralized location for event information

Map out the Process.

  • Determine the purpose or goals of the event
  • Find and keep track of volunteers, speakers and vendors
  • Organize and prepare your information and research
  • Track due dates
  • Plan out the event
  • Share with your team

Communication is key.

  • Keep your volunteers informed of progress through real-time updates and notifications
  • Lay out clear objectives for success
  • Assume nothing
  • Access information on any computer with an internet connection

I can't make the meeting.

  • It's a great way to facilitate a conference call
  • Remote participants can get online, follow along and add notes in real-time - the notes are always up to date
  • Share the map with team members who can't attend the meeting so they can add their thoughts after the discussion
  • Receive email notifications when the map is changed